Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Small Plate #4: Bloody Mary Vs. Mimosa

Four Courses Podcast

The podcast has been too congenial lately. It's time for a good ol' fashioned fight! Guest host (and Four Courses co-founder) Kyle Kratky was good enough to devote some time to shredding my opinion and hurt my feelings, and let's hope I got some good digs in at him as well.

In Episode 23, Kyle and I talked about the social implications of brunch. But forget all that jazz about the betterment of society! Let's talk booze!

Do you favor the Bloody Mary when you knock back a drink at brunch, or are you in the Mimosa camp? Go check out our debate over which one is better on the Four Courses page, then stop by Facebook to cast your vote!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Evening Egg Espionage and the #BrunchLivesMatter Movement

Four Courses Podcast - Episode 23

Happy New Year! A new year signifies beginnings, and what better way to honor that than with an episode all about the meal that begins the day? Yes, it's an all-breakfast bonanza, and I'm so happy to welcome back Four Courses co-founder Kyle Kratky to serve as guest host in this episode! It was certainly a fun one to record, so go give Episode 23 a listen.

Topics include the Goody Goody Diner, the light and flaky majesty of the biscuit, a discussion about how breakfast fits into modern society, and an attempt to untangle the ethical knots of brunch. Please enjoy! Preferably with a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon in front of you.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Small Plate #3: Acero Executive Chef Adam Gnau

Four Courses Podcast

Four Courses has had a lot of exciting changes in the past year. From our new guest hosts to joining the STL Vernacular Podcast Network, we've been really please to be expanding our mission. And now, let's expand even more with our very first interview with a member of the St. Louis food scene!

In Episode 22, guest host Chris Romer and I talked about Acero. Several hours before we arrived to settle in for what turned out to be a fantastic meal, Chris got the opportunity to sit down and talk with their executive chef, Adam Gnau.

Chef Gnau was very generous with his time, so go on over to the Four Courses page and give Chris' interview with him a listen. Enjoy!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Nuptial Libations and the Lentil Seduction

Four Courses Podcast - Episode 22

November's runaway food train continues into December. With company holiday parties, cookie exchange parties, family get-togethers, and New Year's Eve celebrations, there seems to be no end to the feasts we enjoy at this time of year. Four Courses heartily supports this tradition, and we hope you'll help us close out our second year with some chatter about some interesting culinary subjects! Hop on over to the Four Courses site and give Episode 22 a listen!

Topics include Acero, the sweet touch of honey, a rousing talk about holiday bread traditions, and how to stem the tide of food waste. We also welcome guest host Chris Romer, who is the first guest to actually prepare some of the food under discussion to bring to the recording. This practice is highly encouraged. Enjoy!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Child-Repellent Delicacies and the Neanderthal Cupcake Hankering

Four Courses Podcast - Episode 21

Ah, November. The month when we really put on our Eatin' Pants and go to town on some truly impressive meals. More than any other month, this is when discussions about food and drink traditions really come to the forefront. And to that end, hows about you take a jaunt over to the Four Courses site and give Episode 21 a listen?

Topics include Farmhaus, the majesty of paprika, a chat about the Thanksgiving customs we enjoy or disdain, and a royal side-eye given to the trend of gluten-free diets. We also welcome guest host Dana McDonough, who is equal parts lovely and intimidating. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Small Plate #2: The Great British Baking Show

Four Courses Podcast

Our first Small Plate was a game, but this time, we're going for a review. Hey, remember how much I loved the first season of The Great British Baking Show? Well, that love cannot be contained to just the written word, so guest host Tiffany Greenwood (Episode 20) and I take this opportunity to talk about what makes this program so special.

Interested in a television show that will nourish your soul, plays a siren song for your sweet tooth, and gives you a good giggle all at the same time? Go take a listen to the review here. Then go find Season 1 on Netflix and get started! You won't be sorry.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Pita Hoarding and the Environmental Booze Hounds

Four Courses Podcast - Episode 20

Despite a bundle of new work duties and a persistent head cold, nothing could keep me from this month's Four Courses. There are always so many wonderful food topics to explore, and this month, we tackle some of the yummiest. Hows about you wander over to our site and take a listen to Episode 20?

Topics include Olympia, an unhealthy obsession with pickles, our go-to selections when it comes to bread, and the trend of rapidly-disappearing cork in favor of wine bottles with twist-off caps. We also welcome our guest host Tiffany Greenwood, who finally lends a much-needed female voice to what's been a total dude fest until now. Enjoy!